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19:22 Ticket #52 (read/write cyclic data) created by alexshinn
SRFI-38 standardizes the #0=(1 . #0#) shared structure notation for …
18:59 Ticket #51 (support for cyclic structures in primitives) created by alexshinn
list?, length, equal? and other fundamental primitives may diverge when …
18:52 Ticket #50 (byte-vectors) created by alexshinn
Several SRFIs, R6RS, and most Scheme implementations support some sort of …
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Spoke about printed representations. (diff)
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Wrote up my ideas about SRFI-4 and binary I/O
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09:04 Ticket #49 (undefined values) created by medernac
There are code which uses tricks to report <undefined> values, like this …


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21:28 Ticket #48 (let-syntax) created by arcfide
Let-syntax has known ambiguities in its behavior. We have the option of …
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Add record analysis from Chez Scheme
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Add my own proposal (diff)


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Add a Records proposal (diff)


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Added a way to provide a descriptive symbol (diff)


23:19 Ticket #47 (internal define-syntax) created by alexshinn
R6RS extends define-syntax to be allowed in local lexical contexts. Do we …
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