02:50 WG1BallotShinn edited by alexshinn
voting on new issues and updating order (diff)
02:48 WG1Ballot edited by alexshinn
clarifying symbol escape options (diff)
02:34 WG1Ballot edited by alexshinn
"none" is not an option for the module system (diff)


03:43 WG1Ballot edited by alexshinn
updating with new ballot items, moving controversial to top (diff)
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06:36 WikiStart edited by cowan
03:51 StandardConditionPredicatesCowan edited by cowan
Removed warning and serious predicates (diff)
00:12 ErrorsSnellPym edited by alaric
Merged with jcowan's proposal (diff)


10:02 ImmutableParametersCowan edited by aag
Fixed typo. (diff)


10:06 ImmutableParametersCowan edited by cowan
09:43 ImmutableParametersCowan edited by cowan
Incorporates much of SRFI 39 and ParametersSnellPym to make it stand-alone (diff)


19:16 ImmutableParametersCowan created by cowan
19:00 WikiStart edited by cowan
18:59 ExceptionHandlingCowan edited by cowan


23:43 UserAggregatesRush edited by kumoyuki
set! (diff)
23:39 UserAggregatesRush edited by kumoyuki
mre (diff)
23:08 UserAggregatesRush edited by kumoyuki
more rationale, some specification text (diff)


11:28 Ticket #69 (SRFI 39 parameters) created by cowan
Should we adopt SRFI 39 parameters? How about a subset of SRFI 39 in …
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10:34 ExceptionHandlingCowan edited by cowan
09:39 StandardConditionPredicatesCowan edited by cowan
09:39 StandardConditionPredicatesCowan edited by cowan
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09:07 StandardConditionPredicatesCowan created by cowan


11:28 ErrorsSnellPym edited by alaric
New revision that sucks a bit less (diff)
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