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Removed table row and column (diff)


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12:04 Ticket #82 (missing port? procedure) created by cowan
It's not clear whether R5RS requires a PORT? procedure or not. It's …
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Voted in response to Alex Shinn's call for voting on Sun 12 Sep 2010. (diff)
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adding "unspecified" option to case-sensitivity (diff)
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Reset to new ballot (diff)
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Fixed typos. (diff)
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Fixed typo. (diff)
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marking items up for finalization, clarifying some options (diff)


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10:20 NumericTower created by cowan
09:10 Ticket #81 (What numeric tower variants should be supported?) created by cowan
NumericTower lists a plausible set of ten from fixnums only to the full …
06:46 Ticket #80 (Extended symbol/identifier syntax) created by cowan
In R5RS, a token that begins with a numeric character (0-9, +, -) but is …
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03:31 StringNormalization created by alexshinn
initial string normalization discussion
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adding link to string normalization page (diff)
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adding link to read's bitwise arithmetic proposal (diff)


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20:52 Ticket #79 (rational-expt) created by cowan
Often a rational-only exponentiation function is useful; that is, a …
20:48 Ticket #78 (Should we have case-lambda?) created by cowan
Should we provide case-lambda as in SRFI 16 and R6RS? It provides simple …
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20:19 Ticket #77 (Proposed optional module: multiple values) created by cowan
The multiple-values module provides multiple value returns, and exports …
20:03 Ticket #76 (Proposed optional module: load) created by cowan
The load module provides access to loading files of Scheme code at run …
20:02 Ticket #75 (Proposed optional module: process context) created by cowan
The process-context module provides access to the context from which …
19:59 Ticket #74 (Proposed optional modules: eval and repl) created by cowan
The eval module exports the 3 identifiers eval, null-environment, …
19:57 Ticket #73 (Proposed optional module: lazy evaluation) created by cowan
The lazy module exports the 4 identifiers delay, lazy, force, …
19:54 Ticket #72 (Proposed optional module: complex numbers) created by cowan
The complex module provides non-real complex numbers; if it is present …
19:53 Ticket #71 (Proposed optional module: inexact numbers) created by cowan
The inexact module provides inexact rational numbers, typically bounded …
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17:39 TrivialUnicodeModule created by cowan
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14:19 Ticket #70 (accessing the system time) created by alexshinn
Short of a full time and date library, a single procedure …
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Clarifications and cleanups (diff)
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adding link to progress report (diff)
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WG1 progress report


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Fixed typo. (diff)
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Added notes about which version of Emacs I'm using (in case it helps other … (diff)


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14:08 ErrorSituations created by alexshinn
adding list of R5RS error situations
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adding some informative links (diff)
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Formatting (diff)


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Withdrawn (diff)
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Oops (diff)
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Added Chicken information (diff)


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Added constructors (diff)
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Added clarification of term "condition" (diff)
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adding link to public discussion list (diff)
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Added R6RS I/O conditions. Renamed GNU/MIT Scheme to MIT/GNU Scheme. (diff)
11:59 SiteBackups created by aag
Added information about how backups of this site are done.
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Added information about how backups of this site are done. (diff)
10:16 ExceptionTaxonomies created by aag
Added a catalog of condition/exception taxonomies used by Scheme …
10:14 WikiStart edited by aag
better name (diff)
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Added a catalog of condition/exception system taxonomies. (diff)
09:30 ExceptionHandlingCowan edited by arcfide
My comments and position (diff)
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Added information about existing Scheme implementations. (diff)


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Added mutable and immutable copiers (diff)
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Proofreading (diff)
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Unpredictable behavior if mutated while iterating (diff)
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Reflexive, symmetrical, and transitive (diff)
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Added tables (diff)
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ParametersCowan replaces ImmutableParametersCowan (diff)
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Copy of ImmutableParametersCowan as a mutation base
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