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clearing results (diff)
19:30 WG1Ballot edited by alexshinn
initial version of second ballot (diff)
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adding second ballot link (diff)
19:27 WG1Ballot1Results created by alexshinn
19:25 WG1Ballot1Sussman created by alexshinn
19:24 WG1Ballot1SnellPym created by alexshinn
19:24 WG1Ballot1Shivers created by alexshinn
19:24 WG1Ballot1Shinn edited by alexshinn
19:23 WG1Ballot1Shinn created by alexshinn
19:23 WG1Ballot1Russel created by alexshinn
19:23 WG1Ballot1Rush created by alexshinn
19:22 WG1Ballot1Read created by alexshinn
19:22 WG1Ballot1Radul created by alexshinn
19:22 WG1Ballot1Medernach created by alexshinn
19:21 WG1Ballot1Lucier created by alexshinn
19:21 WG1Ballot1Hsu created by alexshinn
19:21 WG1Ballot1Harvey created by alexshinn
19:20 WG1Ballot1Gleckler created by alexshinn
19:20 WG1Ballot1Ganz created by alexshinn
19:19 WG1Ballot1Durusau created by alexshinn
19:19 WG1Ballot1Cowan created by alexshinn
19:19 WG1Ballot1 created by alexshinn
18:37 Ticket #101 (exactness and equal?) created by alexshinn
In R5RS equal? is in some sense the broadest test for equality, …
17:44 Ticket #100 (integral division operators) created by alexshinn
R5RS provides quotient, modulo and remainder for integral division. …
17:16 ErrorSituations edited by alexshinn
adding error signalling situations (diff)


18:18 DivisionRiastradh edited by cowan
18:08 DivisionRiastradh edited by cowan
17:41 RevoteDocket edited by cowan
17:34 DivisionRiastradh edited by cowan
17:24 DivisionRiastradh edited by cowan
17:23 DivisionRiastradh edited by cowan
17:21 DivisionRiastradh created by cowan


01:14 Ticket #99 (Allow top-level LET-SYNTAX) closed by alexshinn
duplicate: let-syntax is allowed at top-level, as is any Scheme expression. Using …
00:55 Ticket #25 (char and string ordering) closed by alexshinn
fixed: This has been subsumed by #23.


17:09 Ticket #99 (Allow top-level LET-SYNTAX) created by cowan
Email from Thomas Bushnell: Ah. The usage case is where I want to have a …
16:18 ImmutableData edited by medernac
confusion removed (diff)
16:13 ImmutableData edited by medernac
Amemdment and clarification thanks to discussions (diff)


23:59 WikiStart edited by cowan
23:59 ExceptionHandlingCowan edited by cowan
20:22 R6RSExceptionHandlingCowan created by cowan
19:48 Ticket #98 (Semantics of REPLs) created by cowan
Should we define the semantics of REPLs? If so, how?
03:24 Ticket #4 (REPL semantics) closed by alexshinn
fixed: ModulesShinn, voted as a result of #2, provides import in the REPL. #91
03:11 Ticket #97 (syntax-rules special literals) created by alexshinn
... and with the result of #6 also _ have special meaning in …


21:55 WikiStart edited by alexshinn
fixing typo linking to RandomCowan (diff)
20:53 Ticket #80 (Extended symbol/identifier syntax) closed by alexshinn
duplicate: Duplicate of #12.
20:51 Ticket #35 (dynamically scoped values) closed by alexshinn
duplicate: Duplicate of #69.
16:55 PortsCowan edited by cowan
16:52 Ticket #96 (Proposed optional module: writer) created by cowan
This is a proposal for an optional module containing write and …
16:51 Ticket #95 (Proposed optional module: reader) created by cowan
This is a proposal for an optional module containing read, because …
16:49 Ticket #94 (Extending identifier/symbol lexical syntax) closed by cowan
16:44 Ticket #94 (Extending identifier/symbol lexical syntax) created by cowan
R6RS extends the R5RS rules to allow identifiers/symbols to begin with …
16:42 ImmutableStringsCowan created by cowan
16:41 Ticket #93 (Removing string mutability) created by cowan
Shall we remove mutability from strings?
16:28 Ticket #92 (Case-folding flags) created by cowan
I propose adopting the R6RS flags #!case-fold and #!no-case-fold to …
16:20 Ticket #91 (INCLUDE at the REPL) created by cowan
Should we allow (include "filename")` at the REPL? This is distinct …
16:17 MultipleValuesCowan edited by cowan
16:11 WG1BallotResults edited by cowan
15:56 WG1BallotResults edited by cowan
15:53 Ticket #90 (Multiple values in COND => clauses) created by cowan
Currently, => clauses in cond accept a single value from the …
15:51 Ticket #89 (SRFI 61: COND => with generator and guard) created by cowan
Currently, => clauses in cond have one argument to the left of the …
15:40 Ticket #88 (SRFI 87: => in CASE) created by cowan
Should we allow => in case clauses (including the else clause)? …
14:46 RevoteDocket edited by cowan
14:36 RevoteDocket edited by cowan
14:14 UnicodeCowan edited by cowan
03:58 MemberPagesWorkingGroupOne edited by alexshinn
updating to reflect members who participated in the vote (diff)
03:34 WG1BallotResults edited by alexshinn
adding comment that default option is in bold when it wins by default (diff)
03:04 RevoteDocket edited by cowan
01:55 Ticket #26 (char and string normalization) closed by alexshinn
fixed: string-ni=? style string normalization agnostic procedures will be …
01:53 Ticket #14 (alternate comment syntax) closed by alexshinn
fixed: Both will be added.
01:53 Ticket #22 (mantissa widths) closed by alexshinn
fixed: No for WG1, this is a recommended topic for WG2.
01:52 Ticket #9 (tail patterns in syntax-rules) closed by alexshinn
fixed: Both patterns will be accepted.
01:51 Ticket #8 (SRFI-46 ellipse specifier in syntax-rules) closed by alexshinn
fixed: Added.
01:48 Ticket #52 (read/write cyclic data) closed by alexshinn
fixed: The native read/write will support the SRFI-38 notation natively.
01:45 Ticket #11 (case-sensitivity) closed by alexshinn
fixed: The reader will default to case-sensitive.
01:43 Ticket #2 (module system) closed by alexshinn
fixed: ModulesShinn won.


23:33 WG1BallotResults edited by alexshinn
updating results (diff)
04:58 ImmutableData created by medernac
Immutable data


17:03 TimeCowan edited by cowan
17:00 ErrorSituations edited by cowan
Changed "unknown" to "function domain" (diff)
16:12 TimeCowan edited by cowan
16:10 ErrorSituations edited by medernac
Classification attempt (diff)
16:09 TimeCowan edited by cowan
15:46 TimeCowan edited by cowan
15:45 TimeCowan created by cowan


21:04 WG1Ballot edited by alexshinn
adding defaults and additional instruction notes (diff)
13:11 RandomnessCommonLisp edited by cowan
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10:19 RandomnessCommonLisp edited by cowan
09:29 WikiStart edited by arcfide
Add randomness discussion into the mix (diff)


06:10 WG1ReBallotSnellPym edited by alaric
Deleted my old ReBallot? (diff)
03:35 WG1ReBallotMedernach edited by medernac
Cancelling ReBallot? page (diff)
03:21 WG1BallotMedernach edited by medernac
Ellipsis vote forgotten now added (diff)


20:17 RandomnessCommonLisp edited by cowan
19:33 RandomnessCommonLisp edited by cowan
17:48 WG1BallotMedernach edited by medernac
Halloween vote (diff)
15:55 RandomnessCommonLisp edited by cowan
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Fixed formatting typo. (diff)
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12:37 RandomnessCommonLisp created by cowan
12:16 WG1BallotSnellPym edited by alaric
Updated ballot, merging in my "re-ballot" (diff)
10:22 WikiStart edited by alexshinn
removing reballot (diff)
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updating results (diff)
09:55 WG1BallotShinn edited by alexshinn
updating for re-ballot (diff)
06:37 WG1ReBallotLucier created by alexshinn
uploading lucier's reballot


15:56 FlonumsCowan edited by cowan
04:35 WG1ReBallotRush created by kumoyuki
03:33 WG1ReBallotHarvey created by bh
00:44 WG1ReBallotRead created by bitwize


23:36 WG1ReBallotCowan edited by cowan
22:59 WikiStart edited by cowan
18:50 WG1ReBallotSnellPym created by alaric
Did my reballot.
18:38 AlaricSnellPym edited by alaric
Added ballot link (diff)
18:34 UniqueTypesSnellPym edited by alaric
Added optional mutation feature (diff)
18:25 UniqueTypesSnellPym edited by alaric
Fixed markup error (diff)
18:17 UniqueTypesSnellPym edited by alaric
Added optional inheritance feature (diff)
17:48 WG1ReBallotHsu edited by arcfide
Make my vote. (diff)
17:34 AaronHsu edited by arcfide
17:33 AaronHsu edited by arcfide
Add a link to the Re-Ballot (diff)
17:32 WG1ReBallotHsu created by arcfide
Seed the template
17:18 RandomnessArcfide edited by arcfide
Update the Seed. (diff)
17:16 ModulesAndPackagesArcfide edited by arcfide
Update a bit. (diff)
16:59 RecordsCowan edited by aag
Fixed typos. (diff)
16:26 RecordsCowan created by cowan
15:08 WikiStart edited by cowan
11:11 UniqueTypesSnellPym edited by alaric
Wrote about read/write syntax (diff)
03:03 WG1ReBallotGleckler edited by aag
Revised voted on #2 Module System. (diff)
02:54 WG1ReBallotGleckler edited by aag
Voted on #2 Module System. (diff)
00:24 WG1ReBallotGleckler edited by aag
Voted on #26 string normalization. (diff)
00:17 WG1ReBallotGleckler edited by aag
Reformatted compulsively. (diff)
00:17 WG1ReBallotGleckler edited by aag
Voted on #14 alternate comment syntax. (diff)
00:12 WG1ReBallotGleckler edited by aag
Voted on #22 mantissa widths. (diff)
00:09 WG1ReBallotGleckler edited by aag
Voted on #9 tail patterns in syntax-rules. (diff)
00:04 WG1ReBallotGleckler edited by aag
Voted on #52 read/write cyclic data. (diff)
00:00 WG1ReBallotGleckler edited by aag
Voted on #18 Exception System. (diff)


23:26 WG1ReBallotGleckler edited by aag
Voted on #8 SRFI-46 ellipse [sic] specifier in syntax-rules. (diff)
23:18 WG1ReBallotGleckler edited by aag
Voted on #57 Simple randomness. (diff)
22:14 DatagramChannelsCowan edited by cowan
14:21 WG1ReBallotGleckler edited by aag
Voted on case sensitivity. (diff)
13:32 DatagramChannelsCowan edited by cowan
13:28 WG1ReBallotGleckler created by aag
Created my second ballot. I have not yet filled it out.
13:27 ArthurGleckler edited by aag
Added second ballot. (diff)
04:07 WG1ReBallotMedernach edited by medernac
Halloween vote (diff)


18:21 DatagramChannelsCowan edited by cowan
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11:11 WG1ReBallotMedernach created by medernac


17:36 StandardDocket edited by cowan
15:00 AdvancedUcdCowan created by cowan
14:55 FactoringModuleProposals edited by aag
formatting headers (diff)
14:50 UcdCowan edited by cowan


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18:46 FactoringModuleProposals edited by steven_ganz
13:59 UniqueTypesSnellPym edited by alaric
Added note about static sizing of encapsulations (diff)
13:56 UniqueTypesSnellPym edited by alaric
Updated my unique types proposal to embed a free vector. (diff)


11:25 ModulesShinn edited by alexshinn
adding an example (diff)
11:14 ModulesShinn edited by alexshinn
cleanup, clarifications, references (diff)


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18:38 PathnamesCowan created by cowan
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14:00 WG1ReBallotCowan created by cowan
12:23 FactoringModuleProposals edited by cowan
11:46 FactoringModuleProposals edited by cowan
04:26 FactoringModuleProposals edited by alexshinn
adding module type and phasing note from Arthur's survey (diff)
04:21 FactoringModuleProposals edited by alexshinn
updating with r6rs column (diff)
04:09 WG1ReBallot edited by alexshinn
removing issues not to be finalized yet (diff)


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14:09 GettextCowan created by cowan
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00:34 UcdCowan created by cowan


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