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R7RS small language first draft


15:19 Ticket #154 (Physical newline in a string equivalent to \n (that is, U+000A)) created by cowan
R5RS leaves this situation undefined, but R6RS, CL, and most languages …


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18:05 Ticket #153 (Renaming blob procedures) created by cowan
The blob procedures don't follow the same system as the rest. I propose …
17:51 Ticket #152 (Multiple values can't be a module any more) created by cowan
We voted to make multiple values a module, but we also voted to make …


16:15 Ticket #151 (Extend `finite?` and `nan?` to non-real values) created by cowan
R6RS specifies the domain of finite? and nan? as the real numbers …
16:07 Ticket #150 (cond-expand at top level) created by cowan
Currently cond-expand is only valid in a module. Should we allow it at …
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16:05 Ticket #149 (blob ports) created by cowan
I think we should have blob ports, the equivalent of string ports (read …
15:25 Ticket #148 (Allow include-ci at top level) created by cowan
Currently include-ci is allowed in a module but not at top level, as …
15:24 Ticket #147 (Allow literal file spec lists in include and include-ci) created by cowan
This will be necessary on implementations where some files don't have …
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