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R7RS small language draft as of Sat 7 May 2011
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Added more detail, and drew some conclusions (diff)
10:34 Ticket #174 (Safe uses of multiple values) created by cowan
Currently, uses of values where the values are discarded anyway is …


16:40 Ticket #173 (Unifying BEGINs) created by cowan
In R5RS, there are three kinds of BEGINs: 1) All subforms are …
12:32 Keywords edited by alaric
Noted that the keywords-as-bindings issue only applies where keywords and … (diff)
12:07 Ticket #172 (Multiple returns from `map`) created by arcfide
R6RS specifies that map does not mutate previous results if there are …
12:01 Ticket #171 (Duplicate identifiers in define-record-type) created by arcfide
What happens if define-record-type is specified with two fields that …
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Insert a hygiene statement of the problems with symbolic tests. (diff)
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Talk about R6RS (diff)
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Summarised what little I know about the issues
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Added link to Keywords discussion (diff)


11:57 Ticket #170 (Add with-error-to-file procedure) created by cowan
Since we now have current-error-port, arguably we should have …
03:42 Ticket #169 (Add standard-*-port procedures) created by cowan
These return the initial values of the corresponding current-*-port


11:06 Ticket #168 (Clarify behavior of polar and complex representations) created by arcfide
From Malcolm Tredinnick: If you mean the grammar specification in the …


15:51 Ticket #167 (Add constructor for error objects) created by cowan
(Email from Vincent Manis) Problem: Raising arbitrary objects as …
14:37 Ticket #166 (Add predicate and accessors for error objects) created by cowan
(Email from Vincent Manis) Problem: It's impossible to write a portable …
02:57 Ticket #165 (Update introductory matter) created by cowan
(Email from Vincent Manis) The Introduction (p. 2) appears essentially …


22:56 Ticket #164 (Meaning of char-numeric?) created by cowan
The current draft, like R6RS, defines char-numeric? according to the …
17:06 Ticket #163 (Allow modules at the REPL?) created by cowan
Should users be allowed to enter a module form at the REPL?


03:35 Ticket #162 (Remove DELAY and FORCE altogether) created by cowan
They are present in R4RS and R5RS, but not IEEE Scheme (which is our …


22:45 Ticket #161 (module argument to eval) created by alexshinn
It would be useful to allow modules as an argument to eval in addition to …
19:22 Ticket #160 (Interleaving of imports and code in a module) created by cowan
Given […] what environments are c1, c2, c3 evaluated in? Two …


09:40 Ticket #159 (base environments) created by alexshinn
What is the base environment provided by the repl, scripts, and the result …
09:33 Ticket #158 (mutating imports) created by alexshinn
Currently the semantics of calling set! or define on an imported binding …


20:27 Ticket #157 (syntax-rules literal matching semantics) created by alexshinn
Syntax-rules literals match if they both have the same name and are …


18:55 Ticket #156 (Replace "an error is signalled" with "an implementation-dependent object ...) created by cowan
The following situations are described in draft 1 (and R5RS) with "an …
15:26 Ticket #155 (Make recursively defined code an explicit error) created by cowan
Allowing examples like these will make code-walkers (including compilers …
15:05 Ticket #114 (Require hygienic implementation of standard macros) closed by cowan
worksforme: R5RS actually does require this: see opening words of 4.2. Closing this.
10:23 Milestone First Public Draft completed


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R7RS small language first draft
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