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R5RS Reference Implementation (diff)
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10:11 Ticket #219 (bring back readable boolean literals) created by alexshinn
Scheme used to use #!true and #!false before abbreviating to the …
10:10 Ticket #218 (infinity/nan syntax) created by alexshinn
The current BNF for symbol syntax is rather cumbersome, having to account …


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13:30 ModuleFactoringCowan created by cowan
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10:02 ModuleFactoringShinn created by alexshinn
09:50 WG1Ballot edited by alexshinn
09:46 Ticket #217 (DivisionRiastradh exactness preversation) created by alexshinn
How should the DivisionRiastradh handle exactness? 1. Not exactness …
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07:22 WG1Ballot2 created by alexshinn
moving from WG1Ballot
06:57 Ticket #216 (control of label output for write) created by alexshinn
There are cases when one does not want to output reader labels for shared …
06:47 Ticket #215 (init argument to make-blob) created by alexshinn
make-blob should either have an initial argument, or rationale why it is …
06:28 Ticket #214 (string/symbol escape sequence confusing) created by alexshinn
From Felix Winkelmann: […]


14:42 Ticket #213 (Lift ordering restrictions on definitions vs. syntax definitions) created by cowan
I hope WG1 will reconsider lifting the restriction that "any internal …


16:20 Ticket #212 (Let LOAD take an optional environment argument) created by cowan
Change load to take a second argument which is the environment to load …


11:49 Ticket #193 (values and procedure arguments) reopened by medernac
No, the problem is about allowing or not values to interfere with another …


20:35 Ticket #209 (Editorial: Typos in 7.1.2 (may already be removed)) closed by alexshinn
fixed: Fixed in latest draft.
09:40 Ticket #192 (Add third argument to NUMBER->STRING) closed by alexshinn
duplicate: Duplicate of #175.
09:34 Ticket #211 (Modules at the REPL) closed by alexshinn
duplicate: Duplicate of #163.
09:17 Ticket #204 (Editorial: Proposed intro language from Andy Wingo) closed by alexshinn
wontfix: We will update the language as the draft solidifies, and take this advice …
09:15 Ticket #203 (Editorial: Clean up syntax to allow (begin definition ...) as a definition) closed by alexshinn
worksforme: The syntax already allows this.
08:53 Ticket #194 (Disjointness of reified values) closed by alexshinn
worksforme: Implementations are already free to reify values.
08:50 Ticket #193 (values and procedure arguments) closed by alexshinn
worksforme: The R5RS (and current draft) make it very specific that passing MV to a …


02:01 Ticket #211 (Modules at the REPL) created by cowan
Should it be possible to write a module at the REPL?
02:01 Ticket #210 (Editorial: Name->module mapping) created by cowan
""Implementations should provide an appropriate mapping from the names of …
01:58 Ticket #209 (Editorial: Typos in 7.1.2 (may already be removed)) created by cowan
The <datum> production in 7.1.2 (page 50) has a clause that is <label> …
01:57 Ticket #208 (Is || a valid identifier?) created by cowan
The grammar in 7.1.1 allows || as an <identifier>. However, page 5 …
01:53 Ticket #207 (Editorial: Polar complex numbers are inexact) created by cowan
Add a note saying that 1@2 and (make-polar 1 2) MAY evaluate to an …


19:00 Ticket #206 (Provide #vu8(...) read-syntax for blobs) created by cowan
This makes sense if we think of them as byte vectors, not so much if they …
18:59 Ticket #205 (Roll partial-blob-copy(!) into blob-copy(!)) created by cowan
... with extra arguments.
18:53 Ticket #204 (Editorial: Proposed intro language from Andy Wingo) created by cowan
Here's a candidate: Scheme 2011 is the latest in a long line of …
18:50 Ticket #203 (Editorial: Clean up syntax to allow (begin definition ...) as a definition) created by cowan
18:48 Ticket #202 (Semi-Editorial: Should we remove the specific syntaxes from the BNF in ...) created by cowan
These date back to R4RS, when Scheme had a fixed syntax and it made sense …
18:30 Ticket #201 (Editorial: Explain better how module bodies work) created by cowan
Add language like this: The location of imports has no effect on their …
17:48 Ticket #200 (Completing the blob procedures) created by cowan
Add blob, blob-map, blob-for-each, and blob conversion functions to …
17:39 Ticket #199 (Make it an error for a procedure mapped by MAP and friends to return more ...) created by cowan
17:36 Ticket #198 (Make it an error for a procedure mapped by MAP and friends to mutate the ...) created by cowan
16:39 Ticket #197 (Editorial: Add more examples for new features) created by cowan
In particular, for file-specs. Also use case-lambda for the …
15:55 Ticket #196 (Editorial: quasiquotation) created by cowan
The language in 4.2.8 notes that "If no commas appear within the QQ …
15:54 Ticket #195 (Editorial: proposed rewording for `begin`) created by cowan
The documentation for `begin' specifies that it is a sequential construct; …
03:29 Ticket #194 (Disjointness of reified values) created by medernac
Implementations could decide to reify values if they wish. Of course if …
03:28 Ticket #193 (values and procedure arguments) created by medernac
Why not specifying that arguments in a procedure call should evaluate to …


17:54 Ticket #192 (Add third argument to NUMBER->STRING) created by cowan
R6RS extended `number->string' to take a third argument, "precision". …
13:17 Ticket #191 (Include CLOSE-PORT ?) created by arcfide
Should we include close-port?
12:51 Ticket #190 (Clarify the language defining modules) created by arcfide
From Andre Van Tonder: > On Fri, 20 May 2011, Andy Wingo wrote: > >> On …


23:22 Ticket #189 (List changes from R6RS) created by arcfide
Do we list the semantic differences of this language from the language of …
23:18 Ticket #180 (Make case and cond clauses into bodies) reopened by arcfide
23:17 Ticket #53 (Implicit BEGIN to implicit LET-NIL) closed by arcfide
23:14 Ticket #188 (Clarify wording of `and` and `or` definitions) created by arcfide
The definitions of and and or may be slightly confusing. Reword them …
23:09 Ticket #187 (Clarify duplicate bindings in `let*`) created by arcfide
The language of the standard could clarify that duplicate bindings are …
23:05 Ticket #53 (Implicit BEGIN to implicit LET-NIL) reopened by arcfide
23:03 Ticket #180 (Make case and cond clauses into bodies) closed by arcfide
duplicate: Closing as duplicate of #53.
20:40 Ticket #186 (Editorial: add examples for new division operators) created by cowan
The various div-and-mod operators could use some more examples. Modulo …
20:35 Ticket #185 (Add sixth "centered" division operator) created by cowan
From the Guile manual: — Scheme Procedure: centered/ x y — Scheme …
20:21 Ticket #184 (Require CHAR=?, STRING=? etc. to accept arbitrary numbers of arguments?) created by cowan
R5RS makes a point of specifying that supporting more than two arguments …
20:11 Ticket #183 (Escaped newline removes following whitespace?) created by cowan
An escaped embedded newline, like: […] in R6RS has the same meaning …
14:48 Ticket #182 (Add WHILE and UNTIL) created by cowan
These trivial syntaxes add familiarity for new Scheme programmers coming …
14:45 Ticket #181 (Add WHEN and UNLESS to the base module) created by cowan
14:27 Ticket #180 (Make case and cond clauses into bodies) created by cowan
Suggestion: make the clauses in case and cond forms (without =>, …
14:20 Ticket #179 (Unicode module should be renamed) created by cowan
Providing the unicode module does not imply that the implementation …
05:02 Ticket #157 (syntax-rules literal matching semantics) closed by alexshinn
worksforme: In practice any implementation which takes liberties with matching here is …
04:44 Ticket #129 (About value returned by mutation procedures) closed by alexshinn
duplicate: Duplicate of #68.
04:43 Ticket #128 (About value returned by if, cond, case with no else clause) closed by alexshinn
duplicate: Duplicate of #68.
04:40 Ticket #83 (Auxiliary Keywords) reopened by alexshinn
Many new issues pertaining to this ticket have been brought up on the …
03:19 Ticket #115 (Rebinding variables shouldn't affect the behavior of standard procedures) closed by alexshinn
worksforme: In the chapter "Standard Procedures:" > A program may use a top-level …


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19:26 Ticket #178 (Shadowing with internal definitions) created by arcfide
From Andre Von Tonder: On p 19, some shadowing problems that would break …
19:12 Ticket #177 (Distinguish file and string ports?) created by arcfide
Should there exist predicates that identify string and file ports?
19:10 Ticket #176 (Are string ports exclusively character ports?) created by arcfide
From scheme-reports discussion list, by John Cowan: Jeronimo Pellegrini …


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12:05 Ticket #175 (Control of significant digits or decimal places in NUMBER->STRING) created by alaric
Vincent Manis pleads for a way to write numbers with a specified …
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