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19:50 Ticket #306 (What does "full Unicode" support mean in Appendix B?) created by cowan
Specifically, does it indicate case-folding and normalization support for …
13:50 Ticket #305 (Should we move the c...r and c....r procedures into a new module?) created by cowan
They have been required for a long time, but Alex Shinn says: I …
10:24 Ticket #304 (symbol literal syntax wastes characters) created by alexshinn
[Based on feedback from Marc Feeley.] Currently symbols can either be …
10:19 Ticket #303 ("lazy" is a confusing name) created by alexshinn
[Based on feedback from Marc Feeley.] delay and force were simple …
01:45 Ticket #302 (Editorial: Consider unpacking the integer division routines) created by cowan
From Denis Washington: I think it would be much clearer and easier to …


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17:47 Ticket #301 (Editorial: Flush or define the term "form") created by cowan
I suspect that most uses are unnecessary.


02:42 Ticket #300 (Add c*r functions to appendix and index) created by cowan
Jussi Piitulainen writes: These six appear in the listing for the …
02:08 Ticket #299 (Editorial: Explain the tail-recursive behavior of named let better) created by cowan
Right now, its tail recursiveness is implicit in the macro, not explicitly …
02:06 Ticket #298 (Editorial: Move define-values to definition section) created by cowan


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03:02 Ticket #297 (Does include-ci make case-folding flags unnecessary?) created by cowan
We require implementations to support include-ci. Do we still need …
00:26 Ticket #296 (Editorial: Consider providing explicit syntax/semantics separation for all ...) created by cowan
What it says.
00:24 Ticket #295 (Make it an error for <init>s in binding forms to return other than one ...) created by cowan
Right now nothing is said. I'd like to make this an explicit error (not …
00:16 Ticket #294 (Make it an error for the <expression> of a set! to return other than one ...) created by cowan
Currently nothing is said about what happens if the <expression> of a …
00:15 Ticket #293 (Make it an error for <test> values to return other than one value) created by cowan
Currently nothing is said about the <test> of if, cond, and, or, …


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17:28 Ticket #229 (EQV? and NaN) reopened by cowan
We need to re-ballot this, because of the false claim that the "same" …
17:16 Ticket #229 (EQV? and NaN) closed by cowan
15:35 Ticket #292 (Add case-insensitive normalization-insensitive comparisons) created by cowan
mdmkolbe writes on Slashdot: Given that on a system with Unicode, you …


09:38 Ticket #291 (Require an error to be signalled if input files cannot be opened, no ...) created by cowan
For with-input-from-file and call-with-input-file, R5RS just says that …
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11:11 Ticket #281 (Make non-readable objects self-quoting in EVAL) closed by cowan
wontfix: Given the loud complaints about this, and the fact that the quoted version …


19:22 Ticket #290 (Proposed square procedure) created by cowan
Bradley Lucier writes (lightly edited): A square primitive is useful in …


12:45 Ticket #273 (Decide whether the presence of non-ASCII characters in symbols requires ...) closed by cowan
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09:20 Ticket #289 (Exact exponentiation as a base module feature) created by cowan
(I proposed this in #79 as rational-expt but misdesigned and …
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