12:04 Ticket #316 (R6RS base compatibility: boolean=?) created by cowan
This is equivalent to eq? on booleans, and provides R6RS base …
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02:50 Ticket #315 (null character may not be usable in strings) created by alexshinn
We should probably make (string-set! str n #\null) unspecified.
02:21 Ticket #314 (feature review) created by alexshinn
The list of standard features needs more careful review. In particular, …


22:54 Ticket #313 (inexact->exact and exact->inexact on complex numbers) created by alexshinn
We allow "an implementation violation" for inexact non-real to exact, …


20:24 Ticket #312 (unquoting and identifiers beginning with @) created by alexshinn
Now that @ may begin an identifier, we should probably make some comment …
20:14 Ticket #311 (probably not worth guaranteeing tail calls for guard clauses) created by alexshinn
It might be worth it (though likely not possible) for the body, but I …


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14:17 Ticket #310 (Rationalize start/end/(fill) arguments in sequence procedures) created by cowan
When we approved CompleteSequenceCowan in ticket #64, we adopted …
13:16 Ticket #309 (Allow circular lists in MAP and FOR-EACH for SRFI-1 compatibility) created by cowan
Allow circular lists as the list arguments to map and for-each. If all …
13:15 Ticket #308 (Allow circular lists in LIST-REF for SRFI-1 compatibility) created by cowan
Allow the argument of list-ref to be circular. It is still an error to …


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