01:38 Ticket #334 (Use proper case for the feature identifiers in Appendix B) created by cowan
Specifically R7RS, IEEE-float, full-Unicode, Windows, POSIX, Unix, Darwin, …


23:43 Ticket #333 (Require eof-objects to be disjoint from basic Scheme types) created by cowan
It's already a requirement that an eof-object cannot have an external …
12:30 Ticket #332 (Allow multiple name pairs in export renaming) created by cowan
Currently, to export my:foo and my:bar as foo and bar, one must …


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Added link to Snow (diff)
18:03 Snow created by cowan


10:58 Ticket #331 (Add R6RS base compatibility library) created by cowan
The (scheme r6rs base) library exports the standard identifiers of the …
10:53 Ticket #330 (Add R5RS compatibility library) created by cowan
The (scheme r5rs) library exports the standard identifiers of R5RS …
10:48 Ticket #329 (Add IEEE compatibility library) created by cowan
The (scheme ieee) library exports the standard identifiers of IEEE …
08:01 Ticket #328 (names for inexact->exact and exact->inexact) created by alexshinn
R6RS changed these names to the more sensible exact and inexact. We need …


01:50 Ticket #327 (Specify that read, the program reader, and string->number accept the same ...) created by cowan
Currently there is no guarantee of this. Possibilities: All the …


19:31 Ticket #326 (Add destructive list-copy!, string-copy!, and vector-copy!) created by cowan
From Per Bothner: Copying a slice from one vector/string into another is …
17:32 Ticket #325 (Eliminate bytevector-copy!) created by cowan
(bytevector-copy! from to) is equivalent to `(bytevector-copy-partial …
15:06 Ticket #324 (allow |\ as escape for | within a |-escaped identifier) created by cowan
Allow \| to represent a vertical bar in an identifier enclosed in …


13:45 Ticket #323 (Eliminate some cond-expand feature identifiers) created by cowan
Reduce the standardized cond-expand feature identifiers to r7rs, …


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13:02 Ticket #322 (Add EnvironmentEnquiriesCowan (other than get-features) to R7RS-small) created by cowan
EnvironmentEnquiriesCowan is a module providing at run time what …
13:00 Ticket #321 (Add get-features from EnvironmentEnquiriesCowan to R7RS-small) created by cowan
This procedure returns a list of symbols corresponding to the feature …
12:58 EnvironmentEnquiriesCowan created by cowan


14:42 Ticket #320 (Add new cond-expand feature to Appendix B: exact-complex) created by cowan
(In this ticket, "complex" is used for readability; it is synonymous with …
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13:48 NumericTower edited by cowan


19:22 Ticket #319 (Make special treatment of CAPITAL SIGMA optional) created by cowan
Currently we require that if the characters GREEK LETTER CAPITAL SIGMA, …
17:49 Ticket #318 (Editorial: Page numbers in the index should be hot links) created by cowan
They are in R5RS, but not in our draft. I don't know enough TeX to know …


18:36 Ticket #317 (escape from with-input-from-file) created by alexshinn
The draft states: If an escape procedure is used to escape from the …
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