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Fixed indentation in order to fix nesting of responses inside each R6RS … (diff)
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wording (diff)
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No need to jump to Aaron's vote. (diff)
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Cleanup and consolidation, as well as new answers (diff)
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Classified all objections and reordered the classifications (diff)
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Partly categorized complaints, added some new replies (diff)


16:01 Ticket #342 (Have READ-BYTEVECTOR(!) return 0 at EOF) created by cowan
Currently, read-bytevector and read-bytevector! return an EOF object …


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19:14 PublicReviewProcess edited by cowan
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18:09 Ticket #341 (Permit ambiguous imports of identifiers which are never used) created by cowan
It is currently an error to attempt to import an identifier from more than …
17:49 PublicReviewProcess edited by cowan
17:14 PublicReviewProcess created by alexshinn
01:56 SixRejection created by cowan


18:39 Ticket #336 (Editorial: Clarify that empty strings, vectors, bytevectors may or may not ...) closed by cowan
wontfix: Closing this ticket, because the necessary information appears at eqv?.
15:06 Ticket #338 (Editorial: Clarify that input-port? and output-port? can both be true of ...) closed by cowan
invalid: Actually, the beginning of the ports section does make this clear. …
13:52 RandomR6rs edited by cowan


04:06 Ticket #340 (Include non-normative note about the file-system based implementations of ...) created by cowan
A library file contains a single library. A library named (A1 A2 AN) is …
04:05 Ticket #339 (Restrict identifiers in library names to make them compatible with file ...) created by cowan
Currently the identifiers in library names can be any identifier. Under …


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13:39 Ticket #338 (Editorial: Clarify that input-port? and output-port? can both be true of ...) created by cowan
An {input,output}-port is one that can do {input,output} operations, so …
13:15 Ticket #337 (Add make-eof-object procedure) created by cowan
make-eof-object returns an object which answers #t to eof-object?. …
08:52 Ticket #336 (Editorial: Clarify that empty strings, vectors, bytevectors may or may not ...) created by cowan
When the report speaks of newly allocated strings (vectors, bytevectors), …


22:52 Ticket #335 (Specify behavior of default exception handler) created by cowan
If an exception is caught and leaves the current dynamic extent, obviously …


01:38 Ticket #334 (Use proper case for the feature identifiers in Appendix B) created by cowan
Specifically R7RS, IEEE-float, full-Unicode, Windows, POSIX, Unix, Darwin, …


23:43 Ticket #333 (Require eof-objects to be disjoint from basic Scheme types) created by cowan
It's already a requirement that an eof-object cannot have an external …
12:30 Ticket #332 (Allow multiple name pairs in export renaming) created by cowan
Currently, to export my:foo and my:bar as foo and bar, one must …
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