15:39 Ticket #276 (Ordering conventions for identifiers in modules) closed by cowan
duplicate: Yes, it should. I screwed up.
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archiving fourth ballot
06:47 Ticket #313 (inexact->exact and exact->inexact on complex numbers) closed by alexshinn
invalid: On re-reading the text, I think it can be inferred that the disclaimer …
05:27 Ticket #276 (Ordering conventions for identifiers in modules) reopened by cowan
See replacement ticket #353.
05:25 Ticket #353 (No use before import in libraries) created by cowan
For ease of implementation, I think we should make it an error for an …
04:54 Ticket #259 (Specify module name in cond-expand as (module <name>) instead of <name>) reopened by cowan
Reopening this, because even if there is no other proposal that resolves …
04:38 Ticket #289 (Exact exponentiation as a base module feature) closed by alexshinn
invalid: expt is already in the base library and no one has suggested otherwise.
04:18 Ticket #277 (Add another argument to load to be the evaluator) closed by alexshinn
invalid: This seems too random. There is no clear motivation or examples, the …
04:05 Ticket #276 (Ordering conventions for identifiers in modules) closed by alexshinn
invalid: The example is broken, define is not a library declaration. A possible …
03:49 Ticket #259 (Specify module name in cond-expand as (module <name>) instead of <name>) closed by alexshinn
fixed: The draft already specifies this, and there is currently no non-ambiguous …
02:20 Ticket #352 (Editorial: clarify description of call/cc and include warnings) created by alexshinn
Per Oleg's comments from …


00:29 Ticket #351 (Clarify explanation of top level of a program.) created by aag
Clarify the paragraph below, specifically about the top level from …
00:23 Ticket #350 (Clarify wording explaining almost-empty environments vs. environments ...) created by aag
Vitaly pointed out a place where the wording is not clear and seems …


17:53 Ticket #349 (Define exact integers to be at least 24 bits) created by cowan
Currently, R7RS (tracking R5RS) does not constrain the sizes of exact …


18:02 Ticket #348 (Editorial: "Declarative" and "imperative" need explanation) created by cowan
Page 23 [of draft 6], section 5.1: "program parts other than expressions …
17:55 Ticket #347 (Editorial: Clean up inconsistency in multiple-value explanations) created by cowan
Page 48 [of draft 6], section 6.10: "the effect of passing no value or …
17:54 Ticket #346 (Editorial: BEGIN library declaration doesn't have sensible semantics) created by cowan
Page 27 [of draft 6], section 5.5.1: "begin declaration takes a list of …


13:38 Ticket #345 (Should 0.0 and -0.0 be distinct in the sense of EQV?) created by cowan
Currently, the draft report implies that 0.0 and -0.0 must be the same in …


17:02 Ticket #344 (Should dynamic-wind handlers be invoked from EXIT?) created by cowan
Currently the report is silent about whether dynamic-wind handlers are …
14:46 Ticket #343 (Editorial disagreement: domain conditions before or after basic ...) created by cowan
R5RS sometimes places the domain conditions of a procedure before its …


04:41 Ticket #314 (feature review) closed by cowan
duplicate: Equivalent to #320.
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Fixed typo. (diff)
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Fixed wiki formatting. (diff)
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Added clarification about additional layer of parentheses in library … (diff)
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Fixed indentation in order to fix nesting of responses inside each R6RS … (diff)
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No need to jump to Aaron's vote. (diff)
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Cleanup and consolidation, as well as new answers (diff)
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Classified all objections and reordered the classifications (diff)
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Partly categorized complaints, added some new replies (diff)


16:01 Ticket #342 (Have READ-BYTEVECTOR(!) return 0 at EOF) created by cowan
Currently, read-bytevector and read-bytevector! return an EOF object …


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18:09 Ticket #341 (Permit ambiguous imports of identifiers which are never used) created by cowan
It is currently an error to attempt to import an identifier from more than …
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18:39 Ticket #336 (Editorial: Clarify that empty strings, vectors, bytevectors may or may not ...) closed by cowan
wontfix: Closing this ticket, because the necessary information appears at eqv?.
15:06 Ticket #338 (Editorial: Clarify that input-port? and output-port? can both be true of ...) closed by cowan
invalid: Actually, the beginning of the ports section does make this clear. …
13:52 RandomR6rs edited by cowan


04:06 Ticket #340 (Include non-normative note about the file-system based implementations of ...) created by cowan
A library file contains a single library. A library named (A1 A2 AN) is …
04:05 Ticket #339 (Restrict identifiers in library names to make them compatible with file ...) created by cowan
Currently the identifiers in library names can be any identifier. Under …
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