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adding link to fifth ballot results (diff)
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adding fifth ballot results
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adding Ganz' fifth ballot (diff)
18:29 WG1Ballot4Ganz created by alexshinn
archiving fourth ballot
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adding Lucier's fifth ballot (diff)
18:11 WG1Ballot4Lucier created by alexshinn
archiving fourth ballot
18:10 WG1BallotShinn edited by alexshinn
updating rationales (diff)
17:31 WG1BallotSnellPym edited by alaric
Tardy votage (diff)
16:38 WG1BallotSnellPym edited by alaric
Initial blank ballot thingy (diff)


01:49 WG1Ballot edited by alexshinn
adding clarification to #280 (diff)
01:08 WG1BallotGleckler edited by aag
Alex was persuasive, so I've reverted my vote on #280. (diff)
01:04 WG1BallotHsu edited by arcfide
Change of vote in self-quoting cases (diff)


21:58 WG1BallotGleckler edited by aag
Changed vote on #280 to "no." (diff)
18:21 WG1BallotHsu edited by arcfide
Update based on emails (diff)
18:07 WG1BallotHsu edited by arcfide
Add Ballot 5 (diff)


13:58 MitSchemeFloatingPoint edited by aag
Documented mixed exactness in complex numbers. (diff)
12:20 Ticket #371 (Fix broken definition of expt) closed by cowan
duplicate: I'm closing this ticket, because R7RS already has this change.
12:19 Ticket #374 (Treat unknown exit argument as #f) created by cowan
Currently, it's implementation-dependent what an argument to exit other …
01:32 MitSchemeFloatingPoint edited by aag
Added mention of eqv? on !NaN values. (diff)
01:28 MitSchemeFloatingPoint edited by aag
Added rationale for the page. (diff)
01:25 MitSchemeFloatingPoint created by aag
Added documentation of MIT Scheme's floating-point support, including …
01:20 ArthurGleckler edited by aag
Decided to make a page for MIT Scheme floating-point information, not just … (diff)
01:08 ArthurGleckler edited by aag
Added link to MitSchemeNonFinite?. (diff)


18:52 NonFiniteSyntax edited by cowan
18:12 NonFiniteSyntax edited by cowan
18:03 Ticket #373 ((exit #t) should be the same as (exit)) created by cowan
See Formal Comment #372 for the argument. I support this proposal. I …
17:59 Ticket #372 (Formal Comment: (exit #t) should be the same as (exit)) created by cowan
Submitter's Name: Alan Watson Submitter's Email Address: alan …
17:47 Ticket #371 (Fix broken definition of expt) created by cowan
R6RS says: 0.0z is 1.0 if z = 0.0, and 0.0 if (real-part z) is …
17:13 Ticket #370 (Log of exact and inexact zero) created by cowan
R5RS and draft 6 of R7RS don't say what (log 0.0) and (log 0) return. …
16:32 Ticket #369 (Require that - and / allow an arbitrary number of arguments) created by cowan
R5RS requires that - and / accept one or two arguments, and labels …
16:11 Ticket #368 (Editorial: Add non-finite examples for arithmetic procedures) created by cowan
See …
16:02 NonFiniteSyntax edited by cowan
Restored original order and explained it. (diff)
14:47 NonFiniteSyntax edited by aag
Fixed footnote for MIT Scheme. (diff)
14:44 NonFiniteSyntax edited by aag
Sort implementations to make them easier to find. Added information in … (diff)
12:04 NonFiniteSyntax created by cowan


18:47 SixRejection edited by cowan
18:43 SixRejection edited by cowan
13:38 Ticket #367 (Inexact division by exact zero) created by cowan
Draft 6 says that it's an error for an argument of / (other than the …
10:51 Ticket #366 (Add (log z b) for logarithm of z to the base b) created by cowan
Coverage for this R6RS feature is currently sparse: only Gauche, Chez, …
10:43 Ticket #365 (Editorial: Add examples for transcendental functions) created by cowan
The range of tan-1 x y is as in the following table. The asterisk (*) …


14:28 Ticket #364 (truncate, floor, ceiling round should return a non-finite argument) created by cowan
Currently R7RS is silent on what truncate, floor, ceiling, and …


15:03 WG1BallotGleckler edited by aag
Updated ballot item #229 to match updates to WG1Ballot, but didn't change … (diff)


18:57 SixRejection edited by cowan
All questions now have answers, which will need improving (diff)
16:02 ComplexRepresentations created by cowan
13:32 RevoteDocket edited by cowan
13:30 RevoteDocket edited by cowan
10:30 Ticket #363 (Strengthen string->number) created by cowan
Peter Bex writes (slightly edited): Improve the wording in the …


17:31 DivisionUseCases created by cowan
11:18 WG1Ballot edited by alexshinn
fixing #229 (again) (diff)
10:23 WG1BallotMedernach edited by medernac
Vote update (diff)
03:23 Ticket #362 (Editorial: Add exception example(s)) created by cowan
We need to show how to use exceptions. SRFI 34 and R6RS may be useful …


21:33 WG1BallotCowan edited by cowan
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23:15 WG1BallotGleckler edited by aag
Updated vote on #304 to account for Alex's addition of the … (diff)
22:24 WG1Ballot edited by alexshinn
01:00 WG1BallotGleckler edited by aag
Updated vote on #349 now that John has added the sixteen-bit lower bound. … (diff)
00:47 WG1BallotGleckler edited by aag
Fixed typo. (diff)
00:35 WG1BallotGleckler edited by aag
Updated #286 based on John's change. (diff)
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Updated ballot item #326 per John's amendment. Voted. (diff)
15:48 WG1BallotGleckler edited by aag
Added note about symbol=? in implementations that support uninterned … (diff)
15:36 WG1BallotGleckler edited by aag
Fixed vote on #285 now that I understand. (diff)
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Forgot to vote on two issues even though I had included rationales for my … (diff)


23:47 WG1BallotGleckler edited by aag
Voted on the fifth ballot. (diff)
17:17 SixRejection edited by aag
Made trivial changes: fixed typo, improved wording, and finished removing … (diff)
16:02 SixRejection edited by cowan
Added some more answers (diff)
15:14 WG1BallotGleckler edited by aag
Prepared to vote on fifth ballot: copied WG1Ballot to WG1BallotGleckler. (diff)


07:25 WG1BallotMedernach edited by medernac
5th Ballot (diff)
07:15 WG1BallotMedernach4 created by medernac
Backup of my 4th ballot


14:12 FlonumsCowan edited by cowan
14:00 StandardDocket edited by cowan
Added SRFI 42 to loops (diff)


13:40 Ticket #361 (Change syntax of escaped symbols from |...| to #"...") created by cowan
Pro: Unifies string and symbol syntax, which are almost the same anyway. …
13:37 Ticket #360 (Formal Comment: Change syntax of escaped symbols from |<symbol element>*| ...) created by cowan
Submitter's Name: Arthur Smyles Submitter's Email Address: atsmyles at …
11:33 Ticket #359 (Limit numbers used in library names) created by cowan
This is a proposal to limit numbers in library names to the range 0 to …
06:13 WG1BallotCowan edited by cowan
04:12 WG1BallotShinn edited by alexshinn
updating and clarifying some votes (diff)
04:05 WG1Ballot edited by alexshinn
adding #259 and #358 (diff)


19:36 Ticket #358 (Change epoch of current-second) created by cowan
Change the epoch of current-second to 1970-01-01 00:00:00 TAI rather …
19:33 Ticket #357 (Formal Comment: The epoch of current-second should be 1970-01-01 00:00:00 ...) created by cowan
Formal Comment Submitter's Name: Alan Watson Submitter's Email …
10:43 Ticket #356 (Editorial: Clarify string->symbol and symbol->string) created by cowan
Clarify that string->symbol does not interpret pipe or backslash …
10:05 Ticket #355 (Editorial: Revise call/cc history per Oleg's suggestions) created by cowan
For example, there is a paragraph about history, going back to Landin's J. …
09:34 WG1BallotCowan edited by cowan
08:07 WG1Ballot edited by cowan
Added remove+normalize-ci option to #292, cleaned up typos (diff)
01:07 WG1BallotShinn edited by alexshinn
voting on fifth ballot (diff)
01:06 WG1Ballot4Shinn created by alexshinn
archiving fourth ballot
01:04 WG1Ballot edited by alexshinn
clarifying #342, adding remove as an option to #292 (diff)


23:08 WG1Ballot edited by alexshinn
adding 354 (diff)
23:05 Ticket #354 (mutating exports) created by alexshinn
We define mutating imports to be an error, however the standard currently …


12:19 WG1Ballot edited by aag
Added proposal for optional message and irritant arguments to assert. (diff)
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