WG2 Consent Docket

The following items will be approved without a formal vote unless someone objects, in which case they will be moved to another docket. See WG2Dockets for other dockets.

Format combinators: Alex Shinn's fmt library, with possibly a touch of renaming. The C formatting library is excluded.

Generalized getters and setters: SRFI 17.

Getopt/args-fold: SRFI 37.

Pretty-printer: see Format combinators

SRFI 1, list library: As written, but excluding cons, pair?, null?, car, cdr, caar ... cddddr, set-car!, set-cdr!, list, append, reverse, length, list-ref, map, for-each, memq, memv, member, assq, assv, assoc, which are all in the (scheme base) and (scheme cxr) libraries in a SRFI-1-compatible way. Specification bug in SRFI 1: any, every, and list-index should omit the words "and returning a boolean result". [Red]

SRFI 2, and-let* macro: As written.

SRFI 14, character set library: As written. [Red]

SRFI 31, rec macro: As written.

SRFI 115, regular expressions.

Obsolete items

The following items formerly on this docket are now part of R7RS-small: binary ports, the R6RS exception (not condition) system, datum labels (SRFI 38), when and unless.

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