Green docket for non-portable things. For other dockets, see WG2Dockets.

File I/O: FilesAdvancedCowan plus SettingsListsCowan and maybe LetSettingsKendal

Threads: SRFI 18 or ThreadsCowan (simplified)

Real-time threads: SRFI 21

Sockets: SRFI 106 or NetworkPortsCowan with NetworkEndpointsCowan

Datagram channels (UDP sockets): DatagramChannelsCowan

Timers: SRFI 120

Mutable environments: MutableEnvironmentsCurtisCowan

Simple POSIX: SimplePosixCowan

Access to the REPL: ReplCowan

Library declarations: LibraryDeclarationsCowan

Symbols: SymbolsCowan

Interfaces: InterfacesCowan

Process ports: ProcessPortsCowan

Directory ports: DirectoryPortsCowan

Directory creation/deletion: DirectoriesCowan

Port operations: PortOperationsCowan

System commands: SystemCommandCowan

Pure delay/force: PureDelayedGloria

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