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This proposal is a tiny extension to SRFI 1. The procedures come from Common Lisp, with a little renaming. Some Common Lisp procedures are already in SRFI 1 and don't appear here.

Association lists

(make-alist keys values)

Returns a newly allocated alist whose pairs are constructed from the elements of the lists keys and values. (Common Lisp PAIRLIS.)

Reverse-assq, reverse-assv, and reverse-assoc are the same as assq, assv, and assoc respectively, except that the key is matched against the cdr rather than the car of the pairs in the alist. (Common Lisp RASSOC.)


(atom? obj)

Returns #f if obj is a pair, and #t otherwise. (Common Lisp ATOM.)

(end? obj)

Returns #t if obj is the empty list, #f if obj is a pair. It signals an error otherwise. (Common Lisp ENDP.)


Should these procedures, if accepted, be merged into SRFI 1?