This is my counterproposal to ModuleFactoringCowan, which is in turn a counterproposal to ModuleFactoringShinn. I've copied some text directly with only minor edits.

  • Leave (scheme io) unchanged.
    • It's better to be explicit than to make a combined module here. For example, if we added a fifth submodule later, would that automatically be included in (scheme io)? Furthermore, it's better not to move it to the base. Some embedded Schemes may really not want to include this kind of I/O in some situations, and leaving these procedures in a module makes that easier.
  • Leave interaction-environment in the (scheme repl) module.
  • Move case-lambda' to a new (scheme case-lambda)` module.
  • Move (scheme multiple-values) back to the base.
  • Rename (scheme unicode) to (scheme char).
  • Move char-alphabetic?, char-numeric?, char-upper-case?, char-lower-case? and char-whitespace? to (scheme char).
  • Move the normalization procedures to (scheme char normalization).
    • Same as ModuleFactoringShinn, as opposed to ModuleFactoringCowan's (scheme normalization). "Normalization" is too broad a term to use without qualification, and there's no reason that three symbols is too many.
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