Now we have modules, I like the idea of gathering modules of similar functionality under a clean hierarchy, instead of a flat namespace.

  • Move SRFI-9 record systems to (scheme records srfi-9), this leave space for other record systems in (scheme records ...)
  • Rename (scheme io) to (scheme ports) as it deals with ports management, which are not exclusively used for I/O (as strings ports for example). Don't require it into the base because some implementation don't need this.
  • Don't provide an umbrella module for I/O.
  • Leave interaction-environment in the (scheme repl) module.
  • Move case-lambda in (scheme arguments case-lambda)
  • Move (scheme multiple-values) back to the base.
  • Rename (scheme unicode) to (scheme char)
  • Move char-alphabetic?, char-numeric?, char-upper-case?, char-lower-case? and char-whitespace? to (scheme char)
  • Move the normalization procedures to (scheme char normalization).
  • Move parameters functions to (scheme parameters)

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