I propose the following changes from the first draft:

  • Rename (scheme io) as (scheme io base)
  • Add (scheme io) as a convenience composite of all four I/O modules
  • Move interaction-environment to the (scheme eval) module
  • Move case-lambda to a new (scheme case-lambda) module
  • If exact-integer-sqrt still returns multiple values, move it to a new module
  • Rename (scheme unicode) to (scheme char)
  • Move char-alphabetic?, char-numeric?, char-upper-case?, char-lower-case? and char-whitespace? to (scheme char)
  • Move the normalization procedures to (scheme char normalization)

Depending on discussion, I would consider moving the following out of the core:

  • syntax-rules
  • define-record-type
  • blob procedures
  • string-ref and string-set!
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