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These are the editorial corrections to the ninth draft in reverse order. All are present in the tenth (post-ballot) draft.

  • Corrected commenter's names
  • Changed rationale of eqv? to be normative
  • Improved language stating when inexact numbers are not eqv?
  • Cleaned up bibliography to include only cited works, including SRFIs
  • Added grammar for case-lambda to tail-recursion section
  • Warning about <init>s was incorrectly on letrec instead of letrec*
  • Fixed minor editorial nits from a last-minute review
  • Updated acknowledgements of commenters
  • Rule out xbeef as a character name because it is a hex scalar value
  • Restored R5RS results of gen-counter and gen-loser
  • Cleaned up definition of "variable definition"
  • Cleaned up zero-or-more values continuations language
  • Falling off a cond-expand is now undefined behavior (no particular behavior was voted on)
  • Minor typos fixed (thanks to Jussi Piitulainen)
  • Corrected changes not to imply that character and string comparisons accept 0 or 1 arguments
  • Added note about the order of arguments in R6RS vs. R7RS bytevector-copy!
  • Restored reference to eqv? in the storage model (as opposed to "operational equivalence")
  • Improved allocation discussion to handle empty objects specially
  • Changed "as following" to "as follows"
  • Cleaned up all cases of "forbidden in strings" to be uniform, removing redundant references
  • Made the definitions of character comparisons defer to char->integer to handle non-Unicode
  • Fixed quasiquotation and symbol-equality examples
  • Removed procedure inequivalence from language changes list
  • Squeezed vertical space to save a whole page
  • Reverted to R5RS equivalence semantics for procedures (substantive change per WG unanimity)
  • Removed "equal," from definition of string<? and friends