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Here's my proposal for the R7RS-small plebiscite. The issue to vote on, per the WG1 charter, is: "Does the eighth draft of R7RS-small satisfy the requirements of the charter?" I propose that the following ballot be sent to the scheme-reports mailing list and that replies (if formally sufficient) be interpreted as votes.


Full name (required): Insert your name here.

Location (optional): Insert your physical location here.

Affiliation (optional): Insert your institutional affiliation, if any, here.

Contact details (optional): Insert any contact details here. The email address from which you post the ballot will be assumed to be a primary contact method, unless overridden here.

Statement of interest (required, unless you registered for the R6RS ratification or the 2009 Steering Committee election): Insert at least 75 words of original content explaining your interest in Scheme and the Scheme standard and your stake in the outcome of the ratification process.

Vote (required): Insert "yes" or "no" here.

Rationale (optional): Insert your explanation of why you voted the way you did here. Anyone voting "no" is particularly encouraged to complete this section.


This is a variant of the registration and ballot forms used for R6RS ratification process and for the Steering Committee election. Both registration and voting are combined into a single form. Note that the entire content of the ballot will be published, since it is being sent to a public mailing list.


Should we worry about the fact that some people may not vote because their email addresses will be published? I think not, but I may be out of date on this point.