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WG2 Revote Docket

This docket contains work items that WG2 has not yet decided whether to work on or not. The name of this docket is historical. See WG2Dockets for other dockets.

Applicable record instances (see

cond => with guard as well as generator (see #89): SRFI 61

Combinators: CombinatorsCowan

Custom I/O ports:

Division library: DivisionRiastradh

drop-prefix import spec:

Enumerations (R6RS, but see also

equal=? (like equal? but with = instead of eqv? on numbers):

Evaluator arguments to procedures like load: #277

Extended exact numbers: ExtendedRationalsCowan

External representation of records:

Futures: Racket API


Imaginary inexact zero versions of real, rational, integer:

Immutable data: ImmutableData

Interrupts, timers, signals:

Macro expander(s) available at run time:

make-error-object constructs error object without raising it:

Multiple values passed through => in cond (see #90):

NaN dissector API (sign, quiet/signaling status, and integer tag): NanMedernach

Natural number predicates (from WG1): exact-positive-integer? and exact-non-negative-integer?.

number->string control for significant digits: Vincent Manis proposal, R6RS

Port encodings, buffering, line ending control: SettingsListsCowan and FilesAdvancedCowan

Port type detector:

Random procedures from R6RS (notably symbol=? and boolean=?): to be spelled out


Record external representations:

Raw strings: <<, """...""":

Search and mismatch procedures: SearchMismatchCowan

Setter procedures: SRFI 17

standard-*-port routines: R6RS

String positions and slices (see

Syntactic closures:


Tree library: at least tree=? and tree-copy, probably fold, unfold, map ...

Thread-local storage:

Testing function arity: SRFI 102

Undefined value API (see #49):

User-specified syntax-transformers: