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These are the editorial corrections to the seventh draft in the order they were made:

  • Added # to vector literals in certain examples
  • Added cross-reference for import declarations
  • Fixed example and added new example for digit-value
  • Improved discussion of transitivity for =, <, etc.
  • Noted that substring is a special case of string-copy
  • Improved wording describing alternative exponent markers
  • Fixed read-bytevector! argument order to match write-bytevector
  • Added includers to formal syntax of primitive procedures
  • Corrected formal syntax of <program> to match prose
  • Removed confusing term "top level" in favor of "outermost" (for syntax) and "global" (for bindings)
  • Replaced redundant non-digit with dot subsequent
  • Changed "distinct" to "normally distinct" in the explanation of negative zero
  • Explained that equal? is defined in terms of itself
  • Clarified that objects used to signal errors may or may not be error-objects
  • Explain that "is an error" situations may signal an error, extend the language, or fail catastrophically

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